Tips to Nourish your skin

1. Don’t pick your skin!!

The most important tip is to always remember not to pick your skin. Trust me, I know how tempting it can be when you see so much to get. This actually makes things worse, and lead to further damage. (Infection & scars.) Instead, try a face mask or a regular skincare routine. Remember to wash your face throughly first.

2. Stay active.

Exercise increases blood flow throughout your body, bringing oxygen, nutrients, and minerals to your skin. Stay active to maintain a brighter healthier glow.

3. Maintain a Skincare Routine.

You may be thinking, I haven’t figured it out yet. I have a combination of normal to oily skin, it took me 21 years to figure out the ‘right’ products. Try researching your skin type and finding products that worked for others. When you find it, keep it consistent. Keep in mind, everyones skin is different, and what works for someone else may not work for you. Also, sometimes it takes time to adjust to new products. You can also look for key ingredients you may prefer.

4. Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is one of the best topical ingredients for glowing skin. It works on all skin types to even out and brighten tone. Vitamin C promotes balanced pigmentation, protects against environmental aggressors, brightens skin tone, and promotes collagen and elastin production.

5. Moisturize.

I CANNOT SAY IT ENOUGH!! Moisturize your skin. One of the quickest ways to a glowing complexion. Things like hot water dry your skin out. Even if you have naturally oily skin, you should always use moisturizer to act as a barrier and keep your skin nourished. Try investing in ingredients that are proven to hydrate. — peptides, electrolytes, and ceramides.

6. Exfoliate.

Aside from keeping a consistent skin care routine and moisturizing, exfoliate. Always remember to exfoliate. There’s so many benefits to exfoliating. Light exfoliating with a nonirritating acid cleanser or toner dissolves dead skin cells on the surface. This will also help your skin look bright and smooth. Exfoliating makes it so much easier for me to put my makeup on. Removing the outer layer of excess dead skin cells will help smooth skin texture, increase the absorption rate of your skincare products, and brightens up your complexion.

7. Eat healthy and stay hydrated.

Of course, the hardest part of all. At-least for me it is. It’s never been remembering to wash my face. Its always been my diet. I’m the worst at eating healthy and drinking my water. I’m a sucker for junk food. I’ve always been prone to acne break outs. I never truly realized how much ‘junk’ affected my skin, until about 18. It’s the things I eat that cause me to break out. The greasier the food ; the greasier the skin. Remember to try to maintain a healthy diet and eat colorful. If you struggle with drinking water, I recommend setting a daily goal for your self. I found myself actually enjoying water more and more, the more I drank it.

8. Keep your products clean.

Makeup brushes, bags, and sponges are all basically breeding grounds for bacteria. Just think about all the dead skin cells, oil, and grime. I use to not even think about this.. Now I see why my skin was oily! How many times do you actually wash your face RIGHT before applying makeup products? I use to put makeup on randomly maybe even mid-day. Therefore, my skin was dirty. Even if I cleaned my face before applying the product the next time— I never thought about the oil from previous applications. My point is, wash your makeup tools routinely, and always remember to wash your face thoroughly before applying products to prevent future breakouts.

If you’re curious how to wash your tools… The best and most thorough method for cleaning your tools requires water and either a gentle soap (regular soaps can dry out the bristles, especially if they are made of natural hair) or brush cleanser.

9. Get your beauty sleep.

I truly live by this, because a good nights sleep can affect your overall health in so many ways. Ever got eye bags under your eyes from not getting enough sleep? Research has shown poor sleep quality can contribute to increased signs of skin aging (fine lines and wrinkles) and compromised skin barrier function. Listen to your body and get your beauty sleep. 🤍

10. Minimize stress.

Easier said than done, I know, but your feelings can seriously damage your skin—even your tears can damage your skin!! Stress can trigger a lot of issues. You can minimize stress by making time for healthy habits. Try face masks, facials, exercises, and getting your rest. Maintaining a happy healthy life can help minimize stress. — especially a daily routine.

Remember; just like everything progress takes time. Healthy skin takes time. The most important part is you putting the time in. If you want natural healthy glowing skin, take it one step at a time and you are bound to see results gradually.

I hope you find these tips helpful and find your glowing skin soon!!

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