Whats in my bag?

Haha okay, this is a funny topic for me because honestly most the time its stuffed. As in stuffed, I mean either I just put random things, or I stuff it with my personal bag essentials which still aren’t exactly neccesary…IYKYK. I often make the mistake of bringing all that extra stuff I really don’t need. Seriously, do I need 3 shades of pink nail polish?! What I try to keep in my bag at ALL times is a whole different story.

1. Chapstick.

I cannot say this enough!! Chapstick is my best friend. I take it literally everywhere.. Most of the time you see me its in my hand, purse, or pocket. Sometimes I lose it. I also buy a million a year because I use it year round way too much. Chapstick addict? Maybe, lol.

2. Sunglasses

Obvi, sunglasses. When winter comes, the shades go. Ever just wake up for the beach and you wanna hide your face? Yeah, me too. If you see me during the summer with I probably have sunglasses on. In fact, during the summer I seldom do my makeup so sunglasses come in handy. If your anything like me, you have a few pairs too many — my excuse is its ‘trendy

3. Moisturizer.

Normally, I only use my moisturizer twice a day. Summer is the exception though. Swimming dries out my face and basically washes everything back off. Every time I get done swimming, I wash my face. Even if its just fresh water until I get home, then I moisturize again to prevent my skin from drying out.

4. Water.

Not sure if water counts or not. Most the time I keep a water handy, meaning in my hand or cupholder. Although, when I’m out and about and my bag is big enough I keep my water in my purse. This prevents me from buying drinks on the road or just being thirsty as heck because I don’t have anything!!

5. Ibuprofen.

Maybe its just me, but I keep medicine in my purse. I have frequent headaches and I tend to get them out and about in the heat. You never know when you might need medicine on the go and have to spend 10 bucks on a bottle you already have.

6. Hand sanitizer.

Another obsessive trait of mine. According to everyone, I’m a tad obsessed. Maybe I just love the feel or the smell. I’ve always been this way, even before COVID. Hand sanitizer stays in my purse AND car for when I can’t wash my hands.

7. Phone

I hate my phone in my pocket, normally I keep it in my bag.


How did I not mention hair tie yet? A million hair ties are never enough for me. I keep them in random spots for when they’re needed. I’ve been trying to stop wearing them on my wrist of circulation. BTW… I use scrunchies, they are so much better for your hair!!

9. Important Cards

Wallet inside a bag? Yep.. That’s me. My bag gets messy so I usually keep my wallet inside my purse so things don’t get scattered around.

10. Toiletries, makeup, and gum.

Three in one. My little make up bag is the perfect size for everything I need in one. Its not packed full and I can easily find everything I need. I just transfer it to whatever purse I’m using! So, I never have to worry about needing to get ready last minute.



Nail file

Makeup wipes




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