10 Inspirational Quotes I love


This one is my favorite. Your emotions control the energy around you. If you stay positive and remain happy, I do believe you can do whatever you set your mind to do. Emotion is the key. Find what makes you happy and do it. The rest will come naturally.


This quote inspires me every day to follow my dreams. How can you be happy if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing? What do you truly want in the future, and how do you plan on doing that?

Believe in yourself. Find what you’re passionate about. I’ve found over the years, I’m very passionate about Art, Photography, and Fashion. I use to sit in front of the tv + draw the characters or paint. I would even design clothes on a notepad. My real dream was to be a ‘Fashion Designer’. As I got older I loved Photography, in any form! I just love the way colors blend with nature + matching my outfits to sceneries. I’ve always had journals + written.. Never did I believe anyone would read what I’d have to say.

I’m a mother of two boys, time may pass and that is fine. You are in charge of you, don’t let anything get in the way. Chase the best life for you and your babies.


Literally. Every day we’re so worried about what people will think. Who cares? When you’re older anyone who isn’t supporting you doesn’t matter. You could succeed and pursue your dreams. You will not regret taking the risk but you may regret not taking it. At least try it, if it’s something you truly want to achieve then don’t let anyone stop your dreams. Take the risk, let the rest fade away.


Take time to yourself, some days are harder + that’s okay. Always remember to stay positive, take a walk or listen to music. I like to take a break from social some days + just paint! Look for the beauty in the world around you. The more you find to stay positive about the more positivity will naturally flow in.


Confidence is key!! Try something that you’ve been pushing back. The power of believing in yourself is more than any force, yet for so many it is very difficult to do. You are unstoppable! The more you see it, everything will fall into place.


Exactly what it says! Progress makes perfect. We all move at our own progress. Don’t compare someone else’s progress to your own. Everyday you are growing to be the best you and shine brighter. No one is you and that is your power. I live by this because everyday we are comparing ourself to others. We never see the positive in our selves. Take a look at how far you have came and think about how far you will come. Let this be your motivation for success everyday. Do not let anyone discourage or down your dreams, because those same people will congratulate you, and watch you from a distance.


My dreams scare me everyday because I have huge goals. Some which I’m unsure how I’ll ever truly fulfill, but I plan to. I will accomplish my goals. If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small. Everyday if you’re doing the same thing, how would you ever expect to overcome your fears or fulfill those dreams? Staying at a job forever because you’re afraid or what’s next or starting over. Same applies for a relationship, or friendship, or anything really. If you never try to make a change, don’t expect a change. Chase your dreams, no matter how big or scary. This could be the biggest step of your life you could take and if its your dream, live it!


There’s always gonna be those people secretly hating all around you. I know alot of them myself, secretly wondering what the heck you’re doing or laughing about it. Ignore them. Everywhere you go, people talk. Quit telling them your plans and surprise them with the results. They will begin to wonder how you came so far.


Take your time. Five years ago, I was taking pictures, posting, and even starting my blog. Then, I got pregnant with my first son, time flew. Shortly, later came my second little boy. As you know babies wear you out. I quit taking pictures, and fell off of social media for a while.. I didn’t feel right going back to social media after being gone so long. But I did, I started over. Being a Mommy took time to get use to but I am here to tell you, it does not matter how much time has passed, do not waste anymore time. Start over. Grow your audience again, do what you enjoy doing. Life is not a race, move at your own pace. Do what you enjoy, It’s never too late. Take a break if you get overwhelmed. Your dreams will wait for you, but they won’t chase them selves.


Have you ever done something you weren’t comfortable doing and succeeded at it? Probably not. I haven’t. I use to find it so hard to pose naturally and take pictures in public. I would always feel like everyones watching me or laughing. One day, I broke my comfort zone. I enjoy what I do and people love my content. Once I quit caring and just started doing the things that make me happy, everything came naturally to me. I no longer look around while taking pictures, I can comfortably strut down the street wearing the clothing I love. Confidence is truly key like I mentioned before, you can see the growth and the glow compared to my previous pictures where I just truly wasn’t comfortable, or enjoying my self.


10 years from now, look around. You’ll be proud and if you’re not then keep going. Don’t stop until you reach your goals. You will be so happy you did. Progress makes Perfect.

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  1. Hey Tierra, great read! I particularly enjoyed your in-depth discussion of taking pride in being persistent, since it was something I hadn’t really thought of before. Being a fellow blogger myself, I also really appreciate how organized and well-formatted everything was – it definitely made the content much more digestible overall. Keep up the awesome work!

      1. No problem, just gave you a follow! I know how hard it is to start up blogging after a while (I’ve been struggling with this over the summer haha), but keep going. I’ll definitely stay tuned!

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