Cocomelon birthday on a budget

I wanted to do an at home photoshoot with my two year old for his birthday. Of course, Coco Melon is his favorite. IYKYK. In the midst of Covid, I didn’t exactly wanna throw a huge party. Plus, I didn’t wanna spend a ton of $. It’s only my luck that every time my child likes something, its new and I can never seem to find anything. This same thing happened to me two years prior, with ‘Baby Shark’.

Customized shirt from Etsy. (Click image for link)

Everything I did seem to find, seemed expensive, and a little extra considering I wasn’t throwing a party. So here’s what I did.. I couldn’t find a realistic Coco Melon backdrop with out it saying “Happy Birthday”. I thought about how the theme for Coco Melon would be stuff like rainbows, clouds, watermelon, etc.

Before I get side tracked, I will say I found the cutest 1st Birthday Coco Melon Backdrop on Amazon! My boy was turning 2, so this didn’t apply to me. Although, I possibly could’ve found a way to replace the 1. — I linked this backdrop below!

So I started searching.. Of course I didn’t find much, not in my price range either. I wanted to make my own, so I knew clouds, rainbows, and watermelons were Coco Melon theme. I ended up going with the clouds. Mainly because he was a boy, but I also liked it more. I found this backdrop from Amazon.

I also found this cute little Coco Melon balloon bundle I just had to get. If you use helium, JJ stands up!! My LO was so shocked to see JJ there. —click image for links.—

Instead of purchasing the huge balloon bundle for $20-$30. I just got a bunch of colorful balloons and put a green table cloth for a grassy floor look. I just threw a tons of colors around to make it blend. You could also do your photoshoot outside in the grass but I preferred inside for my location.

To enhance the colors, I added this cute colorful rainbow 2 balloon. (I can’t find the exact, but this is close!)

I snagged this Coco Melon birthday banner from Walmart for only $1.97!!

To top it off, I got lucky. Literally the day of the party, I found a rainbow piñata at Walmart. I don’t think my photoshoot would’ve turned out as good without it. Also, it was cheap & convenient. — HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

I set this up the day prior, so I could make it convenient any time that day. I recommend having backup props for entertainment, this is where I threw in colorful balloons. Tons of them. Just throw them everywhere! I also got toys and presents so when things went south I could keep him happy. If you have Coco Melon presents open them! Baby will be so happy and your pictures will be great.

We ended up using the watermelon laptop for the Coco Melon watermelon logo, A Coco Melon bus to add music, and the JJ babies brought a bittersweet mommy moment where he nurtured JJ. It really turned out perfect, better than I imagined. —Check out these cute shots of him loving and kissing JJ.—

I couldn’t have put this together any better. He had a wonderful birthday and we enjoyed it! I try to make my babies birthday as memorable and enjoyable as possible, while also saving money doing so. I hope you found this useful!

Here’s some links to cool coco melon birthday stuff if you’re not on a budget!

From Party City, you can get life-size Coco Melon cutouts. —

From Etsy, you can get Coco Melon number blocks. —

You can get almost anything customized on Etsy. Party labels of all sorts, customized decorations, party shirts, etc. Search around and use Pinterest for more tips! Also follow me on social media. Thanks for reading.

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