Saltwater curls

“The pieces of peace in our happy moments”

Walking ocean side, feet in the sand, hair blowing in the wind. You can smell the salt on your skin…approaching a herron bird watching the waves splash by. The peace it brings.

Life stands still. Its as if time freezes, in our happy moments at least. We seem to forget that in our worst moments.

The pieces of peace in our happy moments. Laying under the palms feeling the sunshine on your skin or smelling barbeque for a family cookout, These should be our daily reminders when things get tough. Use your happiness to strengthen tough times.

Anytime you feel overwhelmed, just go sit on the beach. Relax your mind. Wake up early, watch the sunrise. Go at sunset! Whatever you do, do it. You won’t regret it.

My cherry coach wristlet is linked to the picture!

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