Summer Bucket List

Summer is here!!

With that being said, here’s my Summer Bucket List for 2022.

1. Swim, obvi.

2. Collect seashells. This is nothing new for me because, everytime I go I add more to my collection. (I’ll never get enough.)

3. Visit a strawberry patch. This is something I’ve been ready for! I can’t wait to go strawberry pickin’.

4. Go to a water park. I haven’t been in years, probably even before my oldest was born. My kids are the perfect age now to really enjoy it.

5. Pick garden flowers. I can’t never get enough flowers during spring and summer. I literally talk about every plant or flower I see.

6. Ride a Jetski or Boat. I’ve never rode a jet-ski so thats first on the list, plus more likely for me. I’ve been talking about this for years, I’m doing it this summer!

7. Eat icecream. My favorite thing to do ALL YEAR. Ice-cream always tops off the summer vibes.

8. Find a lifeguard tower. I wanna do a photoshoot with one. The beach is always packed but I’m doing it!

9. Go camping. What better time to camp then in the summer? I plan to camp & make s’mores!

10. Visit a carnival. My kids are truly gonna love this one. Usually, in my hometown they put free carnival tickets in your local convenience stores.

11. Take family beach pictures. My kids rarely participate in pictures anymore, so this is a goal for me. (Wish me luck.)

12. Plant new plants. I’ve already started, and became addicted.

13. Road-trips.

14. Have a BBQ. We do this all the time, but summer hits the spot. Especially feeling the cool breeze after getting out of water.

15. Make frozen cups. I forgot about frozen cups until the other day. My babies are gonna love these all summer!! It takes me back to childhood memories, all the summer vibes.

16. Go fishing.

17. Watch sunsets. All the sunsets. I want them all!

18. Have a picnic. Family picnics all summer. The perfect chance to let your kids play at a park and enjoy your self while doing so. Bring goodies, and a blanket and find yourself a shady spot to cool off.

19. Play in the rain. Another childhood memory I can’t wait to relive with my children this summer.

20. Take underwater pictures. So far, so good. Last year, I bought a life-proof case thinking I’ll take my underwater pics. I tested it when I got home, but I never returned it to the store. (My fault.) So I’ve tested the new case, but I’m still skeptical. Eventually I’ll do it!!

21. Make Root-beer floats.

22. Make Tye-dye shirts. With your family, or significant other, or even a friend. You can easily get a kit from Walmart. I plan to do this with my family.

23. Go to splash pads. When you have kids, splash pads are your favorite. It’s convenient and easier than a 6ft pool, or the beach. You can relax and let your kids play with little to no worries.

24. Slip&Slide. We play outside in the sprinkler and pools all the time, or water gun fights. My kids have yet to experience my fav. I remember slidin’ all day.

25. Make sundaes. Besides, snow cones, frozen cups, icecream, and floats. You can make hot fudge sundaes. Nothing tops summer more than all the yummy drinks.

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